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The activity has categories and cards. Cards may have text or an image. Assign the cards to the proper categories.

Healthcare provider

Card 1:
Text: Spermicide
Card 2:
Text: The patch
Card 3:
Text: IUD
Card 4:
Text: The ring
Card 5:
Text: The shot
Card 6:
Text: Sterilization
Card 7:
Text: Implant
Card 8:
Text: Diaphragm
Card 9:
Text: Cervical cap
Card 10:
Text: Male condom
Card 11:
Text: Female condom
Card 12:
Text: The sponge
Card 13:
Text: The pill
Card 14:
Text: Emergency contraception

Drag and drop activity. Click the red card deck to view a birth control method. Then drag the card to the correct source for obtaining that birth control method. Optional.

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