Unplanned Pregnancy and the College Student

In the three, short online lessons of Unplanned Pregnancy and the College Student, you will hear real people discuss their experiences and attitudes toward sex, birth control, relationships and parenthood. You will also be directed to websites for information to help you assess your birth control choices and make plans to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

Each lesson should take you 30 – 40 minutes to complete, ideally each lesson in one sitting.

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Lesson One - Why You Should Care about Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy

Lesson One helps you consider the effects of unplanned pregnancy on your educational and life goals.

Lesson Two - How Much Do You Know about Sex and Birth Control?

Lesson Two explores some of the myths, magical thinking, and gaps in knowledge that put you in danger of unplanned pregnancy.

Lesson Three - Make a Plan and Take Action

Lesson Three helps you – no matter your sex – select a birth control method, find out where to get it, learn strategies for discussing sex and birth control with your partner(s), and make an action plan to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Technical Information

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