Why Should You Care About Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy?

Lesson One helps you consider the effects of unplanned pregnancy on your educational and life goals.

Lesson One Objectives

At the completion of this lesson, you will be able to understand the impact of unplanned pregnancy on your: 

  • Educational goals,
  • Social life,
  • Work,
  • Significant relationships, and
  • Finances.

During this half-hour lesson, you will hear real students -- both men and women -- tell their stories about how an unplanned pregnancy changed their lives. You will also learn some of the facts about unplanned pregnancy among college-age students, as well as some facts about the financial impact of becoming a parent.

The lesson is organized around a series of videos and presentations. Please print or save the Lesson One Study Guide on the right and use it to take notes as you progress through the lesson.


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