Birth Control Methods

Explore the methods, effectiveness, and costs

There are many different methods of birth control available. Let's explore the different birth control methods and gather information about each one. Use the Lesson Two Study Guide to make notes about the information you find. In particular, be sure to record the effectiveness rate and cost of each type of birth control. (You'll need this information for activities in this lesson and the Lesson Three Study Guide.)

Click on the image below to go to the "Bedsider Method Explorer" website. Then click on the photo of each birth control method to see information about each one, including effectiveness, side effects, costs, and real women and men talking about their experiences.

Note that in Lesson Three you will find out if you might be eligible for free or low cost birth control, so don't let the potentially high cost of some methods lead you to rule out something that you're really interested in.

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Image of Bedsider Method Explorer web site

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